Tuesday, October 2

The Seattle Run Down

Tuesday (Sept 25) bright and early the journy began! We landed in Seattle, got our super fly Audi Q7 and drove to Dr. White's house in Kirkland. Went to lunch at the Belching Frog (that's what I said) and began our tour of the area!

We started in downtown Kirkland were Doug will be working. It is located on the Puget Sound which is a body of water lying east of Admiralty Inlet, through which ocean waters reach inland some 50 miles from the Pacific Coast to provide all-weather ports for ocean-going ships at Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. Nice town, parks, shopping, icecream...what more could you want?!

Redmond is where we are living. Picture Easton Town Center! We reside in the Cleveland, on Cleveland Street (how appropriate!) with outdoor shopping in front of us, bike paths behind us and Whole Foods down the street. Everything is within walking distance and the road have lanes for bikes!!!!

Seattle is 20 minutes from us...if there is no traffic! Wednesday night we ate at the Columbia Tower Club, located at the top floor of the 'highest building West of the Mississippi River!' We are looking down on the 'Needle.'

The Weather was nice 3 out of the 5 days...and we even saw the sun!

The seminar was in downtown Seattle, so as Doug was learning...I was scouting out the area! (Shopping!!) Ok, looking!!!! Friday, we walked around Pikes Place Market and I meet this shinny pig too. I asked him if he was interested in living in Waynesfield, Oh...but he said he was a "city" hog and would like to stay.

Well, that's all for now. I am going to keep this site up so we can all stay in touch! Doug is done with his tests on Tuesday and I on Thursday...then we leave the Quad Cities for good on Oct. 18!

Love you all!


CQAussie said...


I'm front and center on the Endel Show and it's fabulous so far!

I love this!

Bike paths! Shopping! Tall buildings! And Belching Frogs! Not to mention Whole Foods! Sounds like a bloody good time - am tempted to move there myself!

How cool would it be if Jen and Erica and crissy and the other Delt ladies and me (bad sentence....) started blogs too?! Then we'd have blogs from Charlotte, NC, Minnesotta, Chicago and down South! I'm getting VERY excited!!!!

I'm at work so I think some of the pics didn't come out.....will check back on this when I am at home!

love lots!

Sarah Williams said...

Can't hardly believe it! Fantabulous! I can only say - WOW! So happy that you are HAPPY! Do we have a "Mc_____y" name for the hubby yet? It is Seattle...

So glad that we'll get to stay in touch more easily now...just keep it up! Enjoying every minute of it! Much Love Always - Sarah

CQAussie said...

My choices for a Mc name for Douglas are:


I can't think of one with a "y" at the end of it......McSexy??