Tuesday, October 13

He's all Endel folks!

Sunday after walking in the woods for hours we decided we wanted ice cream! There is an amazing family owned, home-made, joint right down the road from us, so we like to find every excuse we can to go get a scoop. 1 scoop... don't judge me!

Parker being an Endel and all, we thought it was time for him to start choosing his own ice cream flavor. Doug asked him what he wanted and we felt like he wanted chocolate, so when we got to the counter Doug placed his order, then I placed my order... and asked for chocolate!

You thought I was going to say we ordered Parker his own scoop, didn't you! Not yet, not quite yet, but very soon I'm afraid!

(Video might take a few minutes to load. If it is choppy when playing, it hasn't loaded all the way)


CQAussie said...

So I finally had the chance to peruse this blog and of course, I am laughing my ass off!

Girl - you are V-eird and that's why I love you!

Like I said - I'm pretty sure publishing a book is in your future =) How to Give Birth, Be Zen and Be Fabulous by Chandra Endel. I'll reserve my copy now please.

Miss you both a lot! Hopefully God brings us out to the west coast for some fun times in Seattle soon!

rihana barlage said...
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rihana barlage said...

doug makes it seem like HE really has something he would like to say about the sweater you always make parker wear! lol. come on doug tell us what you REALLY think.

parker may take after the endels but wait to see what shobe traits he really carries lol. makes you wonder...