Monday, September 1

I know...I know!

I've been getting some emails saying...'Chandra, are you OK? You aren't blogging!' I sempathize with this comment as one of my favorite bloggers is currently MIA as well! Well, I'm back, and Yes...we are both just fine! A lot has happened the last month so let me catch you up!
July 23: For Molly's Birthday, We all went to the Nordstrom Fashion Show!

That same day, I also bought a NEW CAR!Meet the newest member of the Endel family, Volkswagen EOS (four seater, hard top...convertable!)

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CQAussie said...

Nice ride and more importantly - WAY to go on the fashion show! anything catch ur eye??

I'm loving ur pic - u look very chic and fabulous - but you gotta eat chica, you're wasting away!!

Take me for example - currently working 12+ hours a day helping with opening the practice and I am STILL chubby =) LOL

love ya, good to see ur ok =)