Thursday, February 18

Retail Therapy... Gone Awry

'Why do you torture yourself' says Doug.

'It's not torture, it's therapy. Besides, it's inspiration for new wardrobe ideas inside my old wardrobe' replies Chandra.

I have had a Nordstrom gift card burning a whole in my pocket for months now. It's been so bad that Doug has threatened to use it himself or throw it out. Seriously... I have spent HOURS drooling over my keyboard looking at the deals from winter sale and dreaming about the bright colors of spring.

Here's my dilemma. Buy what I need or what I want? Spend the amount that's on the gift card, or go over a little over? Purses, jeans, SHOES, makeup... seriously HOW AM I TO DECIDE?!!!!!!!!

Today I stopped by Nordstrom Rack. It was lined wall to wall and floor to ceiling with items screaming my name! The Coach sunglasses, the William Rast Jeans, the Michael Kors rain coat and the shoes... oh they were not merciful.

Being a Mom I'm not going to lie... has put a slight cluster in my fashion sense and the question of sensibility. I now have to think, 'Can I breastfeed in this?' 'How will this fabric and color sport the puke spot it will inevitably have?' 'Can I walk miles in these shoes while wearing a 17lb child?' Should I keep going...

I dreamed of our tax return, or $1000 -that's it! The bliss of recreating my wardrobe to help me express my new found self...

Today, I left feeling a little more deflated than I have in the past... Today, I might have tortured myself.


Anonymous said...

lol. i say make the purchase and don't look back! uncomfortable shoes can always be solved by carrying a pair of flats in your bag. kelli cutrone even said so herself. the sunglasses can be fixed by just getting knock offs...and well... have you heard of jeggings? they're splendid....leggings/jeans... let me know the decision you reach!


Chandra said...

Sis... you are a HOOT! I've never gotten such wise retail advise from you! And quoting Kelli... OK, I'm listening! I tried on those jeggings (!!) the other day at Nordstroms... not bad!