Thursday, February 11

$700 & A Reduction

My experience with cloth diapers and the hope that you'll consider 'Reducing Your Babe's Carbon Footprint.'

I knew I wanted to use cloth before Parker was born and for many reasons really. It was cost effective, environmentally friendly, good for the babes and that my mother had used cloth on me. There is something very sentimental about using certain methods or ways in parenting that those before me have used including my mother. When I told people of my plan some encouraged me and others laughed, 'It wouldn't last.'

In 2010 we are consumed by time. We are both driven and angered by what takes up our time, what we get in exchange for our time and quite frankly bitch about what we don't get accomplished with our time. Cloth diapering takes a little of my time. It is 2 additional loads of laundry every 3 days. I have encountered many challenges involved with this method but with all things, time, persistence and cleaver thinking always prevails.

The reward for me has been:
  1. I know what materials my babe is wearing, they are chemical free and allow his sweet tush to breath.
  2. At 6 months old we have spent $700 and we are now finished with all diapering expenses that he will incur. (That's $30 per month for 2 years... hoping he potty trains early!)
  3. Some say a cloth diapered child potty trains earlier. (It doesn't wick away the pee and poop as well)
  4. While some will argue that I'm using water and electricity, I'm not contributing THOUSANDS of diapers to a landfill. (Please remove my halo as I always have 1 pack of disposables on hand and when out and about use throw away wipes)
  5. These diapers can be used for future children as well.
  6. I enjoy spraying out the poo with the 'wash your dog hose' from Home Depot. Even better is when the adapter from the shower doesn't switch back over and Doug SPRAYS THE WHOLE BATHROOM while turning on the shower. Brings a smile to my face every time!
FACTS about Disposables

A babe in diapers for 2.5 years:
  • 7,300 diapers, an average of 8 a day
  • About $2,482
A babe in diapers for 3 years:
  • 8,760 diapers
  • About $2,978
Other randoms:
  • 42 dirty disposables per week will equate to about one full kitchen-sized trash bag – around 20 extra pounds of trash, or four extra bags of trash (80 pounds) per month.
  • It takes a disposable diaper 550 years to disintegrate!
My cloth diaper headquarters:

In closing, I challenge you to think about it... if it isn't cloth diapers for you, what else could you do - or not do?

More on my favorite diapers and products to come. In the mean time ask me any questions you might have!

My favorite local resource is Punkernoodle Baby. She's in Seattle but can ship anywhere. Use her, she's amazing!


Amy said...

Way to go!! I think cloth diapers are awesome and even though I don't have kids myself yet, I think everyone should be using them!! Thanks for spreading the word!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Hey Chandra!

I was wondering what particular style of cloth diaper you decided to go with? It seems like there are SO many options available out there!