Sunday, January 10


Without change we stop evolving and die... right? Well last week being sick, stuck at home and taking care of a 4.5 month old drove me to 'change' some things. Some were small and not worth sharing, however one was really, really big. Let me preface the photo first. My biggest girl crush ever is Rebecca Woolf and a couple weeks back she posted how to 'trim your bangs' at home. In Chandra speak I interpreted that as how to 'cut your own bangs.' And did just that on Thursday afternoon. I freaked out just a little and scheduled an appointment to fix what I had started. To my surprise my stylist said she liked them and did very little to fix the mess. This means two things... Rebecca's photo tutorial was pretty fierce and I can cut some mean bangs! Ok, Ok... enough talk. What DO YOU THINK?

I kind of feel like they make me look old. Or, I could just be in shock that I am days from turning 29... which means that next year I will be 30! (That's a whole other post... which I will gladly share with you soon!)

Lastly, this is a little something I threw together for Doug. It's his 'mantra' for 2010 and it now resides on our living room wall! Wishing you all 'massive, massive, change' this year!



YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! Wow!!!! I'm so impressed! You KILLED it! And so glad the tutorial worked for you! You look gorgeous and so-so chic! xo!

Molly Buckel said...

Ummm....YOU are MY girl crush!! Hot Hot HOt, and truly inspiring! Massive CHange is on its way babe!
Love you!!