Sunday, April 20

Doug taking out some frustration!

While I went to refresh with my girlfriend, enjoying Cafe Flora and mani's & pedi's...Doug went to the shooting range! the time we were finished, they were just getting to the range, so Molly and I joined in on the fun!

I'm not sure how much I enjoyed the whole experience, but Doug loved it! I think he will go back with the guys any time...I think I'll stick to brunch and mani's & pedi's!!!


CQAussie said...

Hey Gunslinger! HOLY MUU MUU is that BLOND in your hair diva??!! Things HAVE changed around here!!!

Love it and love that you're getting pampered =) Well deserved I am sure!!!

I NEED a mani/pedi/hour massage BIG TIME! But alas, funds are still tight at the moment so will have to wait till I rack up some pay checks!

Forgot to tell you - got a new job with the company that makes V05, Tresemme and Nexxus. SWEET!!! So in the future I'll be taking advantage of the company store prices =) HEE! I'll never have a bad hair day again!! (here's hoping!)

And yes, Doug, well done mate, very manly. Grrr.

love you crazy kids!

Kati said...

Hi Chandra and Doug - You both look like you're having so much fun. Washington looks well on you! Miss your laugh and think of you often! Kati