Thursday, December 6

Dec 1: Winter Wonderland

December 1 meant snow in Seattle! It was a breath taking site and the perfect amount of snow. We worried the city would start shutting down around us, but by 12noon, the snow was gone.

We had a big Christmas event in the office that morning for patients, so we took a little nap before our "big city" adventure in downtown Seattle that night. The snow started coming down again that afternoon, the flakes were huge and wet. We worried if we should still go, but reminded ourselves we were from Ohio and lived in Iowa!

Bundled up in our long pea coats and scarves and headed to the city. It was funny because we were pretty much the only ones dressed like that, and someone even commented on our attire that we looked like we were "way to prepared" for such weather! Anyways, downtown was beautiful...take a look.


CQAussie said...

I heart Christmas lights!!

It is bone numbing cold here in Detroit! But the Christmas lights make it better =)

10 business days till Phil is officially done with being an associate then it's full time Que Chiropractic practice building! yay!!

Be safe out there darlings!

rihana said...

i totally miss this. i must return :(