Saturday, April 12's been busy!

Sorry to keep you all hanging so long...wondering what we've been up to?!! Well, working lots and sleeping little. That pretty much sums it up. Doug is rocking out in the clinic seeing patients, each week a new record week. I just hired an employee, so I'm now a boss! Now don't let us fool you, we have made time to relax a little and enjoy laughs and a 'few' drinks with friends!

Did I mention we went to Portland over Easter? Yea...we had a baby there too. A MAC Notebook baby...and she's all mine. Doug laughed he was more worried about getting hit on than me, and it is definitely a different city...but it was fun!

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CQAussie said...

hey stranger!!!!

good to see you guys are doing fabulous!

btw - I feel that now you are the Head Honcho Boss Lady - you need a new handbag and maybe even new outfit to suitably celebrate your new status =) LOVE IT!!!

p.s. it looks like your blog is getting SPAM comments......!!!